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Post  Mr Nay on Thu May 26, 2011 1:08 pm

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(Taken from the Corporation Site)
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Okay, to give you folks the lowdown, BLOODHUNTERS is the new RPG currently in development by Brutal Games which hopes to bring the same tradition of high-speed action and brutal combat to the fantasy genre that we brought to sci-fi with Corporation.

Set in a post-post-post-apocalyptic world beset on all sides by terrible monsters that make civlisation damn near impossible, a whole class of people has arisen for whom hunting things which most folk spend their whole lives avoiding is a way of life; the Bloodhunters.

Players take the role of a lodge of bloodhunters, working together to take down the most fearsome creatures the world can throw at them. They do it for profit, they do it for the challenge, they do it for personal power, but most of all they do it because they are tired of being prey and instead decide to become predators, hunting nightmares for a living.

BLOODHUNTERS will use the core Brutal Engine used by Corporation, with new additions specific to the setting such as Mettle and Fear, name magic, the 5 Gates of Power, bloodweaving and battle arts. Oh, and rules for crafting your own equipment from the bodies of the creatures you hunt.

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Post  Mr Nay on Thu May 26, 2011 1:10 pm

(Taken from the Corporation forum)
Quote from: MindX on May 22, 2011, 02:06:28 pm
Seeking information on the background for the setting?

You mentioned Post Apocalyptic; is it set on Earth? Also, will there be remnants of the past as in other PA genres?

A) Mettle and Fear - Are these abilities or part of the genre-specific game system?
B) Name Magic - How will "magic" work? Will it be a
1. "Memorization" system (D&D)
2. Inate Ability
3. Free-form (Mage the Ascension)
4. Similar to Psionics
5. Something else?
C) What are the 5 Gates of Power?
D) Bloodweaving and Battle Arts - Sounds cool. Are these skills , trainings or abilities? .
E) Will thgere be rules for Psionics? A personal favorite)
F) Crafting your own equipment - Will these possess unique qualities or just enhance your "Looking Good" Skill?
G) Where did the monsters come from? Invasion or were they already there?

BLOODHUNTERS is not set on Earth but a fantasy world, Mondragon, that suffers intermittent apocalypses (so far averted, but each leaving their marks upon the world) in the form of the Stirring, when the World Dragon that slumbers in Mondragon's core rises.

A) Mettle and Fear - Mettle and Fear are two statistics which will have a big effect on play in BLOODHUNTERS, all monsters have a Fear statistic and all players have a Mettle statistic, players whose Mettle is insufficient to overcome their fear of a monster will suffer penalties in fighting it. Mettle is an extremely fluid statistic, it can change potentially with every fight, you increase Mettle by defeating monsters you fear, you lose it by running away. On Mondragon cowardice eventually catches up with you, only those who stand and fight have a chance to survive.

B) Name Magic - Names are powerful things on Mondragon, a powerful enough name can bring down a kingdom or slay a dragon. Name magic is the ability to draw power from your own legend. When a person takes up the Hunt they don't become a Bloodhunter until they have acquired a Hunter Name, a nom de guerre by which their deeds are known and their legend is built upon. Usually this will be as a result of a signature fighting style, a prefered enemy or a particularly noteworthy Hunt. Some examples are "Croban the Neckreaper", "Hangman", "Jack O' Knives" and "Old One-Eye". A Hunter Name gives you access to all the abilities that are commonly attributed to Bloodhunters; binding their weapons to their souls, drinking the blood of their kills to restore their strength, forging binding oaths and blood brotherhoods, etc. A Hunter Name also allows you to draw on your own legend to exaggerate your abilities to legendary proportions. Say for example your Bloodhunter acquired a reputation for incredible scything decapitations, such as Croban the Neckreaper did, by using name magic to draw power from this reputation he could make it true, and allow him to execute decapitating attacks with legendary finesse.

C) What are the 5 Gates of Power? - The 5 Gates of Power are the 'traditional' magic of Mondragon, the power of warlocks and sorcerors, they are Ruin, Forging, Domination, Continuum and Wild. 5 Gates magic can be used in one of two ways; firstly there is Channeling, also known as "battle magic" for its ease and quickness of use in the fray, Channeling works pretty much the same as Telepathics in Corporation, with your rank in the Gate used determining the power of the effect. So for instance, Channeling the Gate of Ruin would unleash a blast of raw destructive force. The second way of using the 5 Gates is Weaving, this is more like traditional spellcasting. You assemble a grimoire of spells created by yourself using a spell-creation system based off your rank in the 5 Gates, later you can cast spells from your grimoire at any time as long as you can pay the price.

D) Bloodweaving and Battle Arts - Bloodweaving is the art and science of transferring and binding life energies between vessels. Binding the spirit of a monster into a weapon to acquire its powers? That's bloodweaving. Grafting monster flesh into your body to grant you inhuman abilities? That's bloodweaving. Reanimating the dead? Bloodweaving. It's necromancy, biomancy and magic item creation rolled into one.

Battle arts are special manoeuvres and combat techniques that can give you a tactical edge in battle. Rather than just attacking your enemy you can instead hamstring them, cut a gash above their eyes to blind them with their own blood, pin them to a wall with an arrow, catch projectiles out of the air and a whole host of other options. You'll still be relying mostly on cut and thrust, but with a bit of luck and planning your Battle Arts will give you a killer advantage.

E) Will thgere be rules for Psionics? Not as such, on Mondragon there is little difference between magical and psionic powers, in fact there is one race, the Vasuki, who cultivate a magical style which seems highly psionic in nature, focusing on mental powers and introspection.

F) Crafting your own equipment - Equipment crafted from monster viscera will have advantages way beyond "looking good", depending on what you take it from the body parts used may even contribute special abilities.

G) Where did the monsters come from? Invasion or were they already there? - Monsters in Mondragon are the spawn of the World Dragon, a titanic monster of godlike power that slumbers literally at the core of the world. Mondragon is filled with tunnels and caverns known as the Veins from which these creatures emerge onto the surface.

Quote from: Valarian
Sounds very intriguing, would love a Fantasy game based on the Brutal Engine. I like the Nietzsche theme. Sounds like there could be a corrupting influence, or at least a de-humanising one.

The "name magic" sounds great. Is this going to work like in Earthsea (Ursula le Guin)? You learn the "true name" for things and can make things happen/control things as a result? Bloodweaving also sounds as if it could be a magical path (blood magic?).

Will also be very interested in the back story for the world. Why things work the way they do. All useful information to a GM trying to make the world as real as possible for his players.

Yes, BLOODHUNTERS very much plays on the theme of the difficulty of fighting monsters without becoming one, eventually most Bloodhunters become just as fearsome as the things they hunt, and just as worthy of fear by those around them. However, the ones who manage to keep their humanity and ethics intact are true heroes.

Name magic and bloodweaving I have explained above.

The world will be fleshed out soon enough, we've created a truly great fantasy world with some consistent themes and a feel that I think a lot of people will dig.

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... ahem.

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Post  Mr Nay on Fri May 27, 2011 12:47 am

More from the writers-

That is some pretty bitching art, I have to say, a rather intriguing style to it. Can't say I'm familiar with the artists, or senzar for that matter. There weren't really inspirations as such, we just wanted a fantasy game without all the twee, mawkish, "King Eltherion of Evermere" rubbish that often goes along with it. And no goddamn elves either. We also wanted to give players a purpose, one of the great things about Corporation was that there was never any sitting around thinking of a reason for your characters to do something, they had a job to do and it was fairly clear cut. Same with Bloodhunters, though this time driven by the Mettle and Fear mechanic; if you run from that which you fear then you have a greater chance of being killed by it next time you meet, but if you deliberately seek it out and tear its throat out with your teeth (metaphorically or actually) then your ability to take on bigger, nastier fears increases. You become a bloodhunter because you don't want to be prey anymore, the incentives the mechanics offer plays to that, actively encouraging you to go out and hunt increasingly dangerous quarries in increasingly audacious ways. Oh, and classic metal, we listened to a lot of metal while thinking this up.

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