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What is Time Cube?

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What is Time Cube? Empty What is Time Cube?

Post  Mr Nay on Fri Jun 03, 2011 2:35 pm

Timecube Go figure

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What is Time Cube? Empty Re: What is Time Cube?

Post  cro5point on Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:17 pm

Sounds like something i wrote once when i was bemused.

Mind your self this has less grammar than a 2nd former on crack.
It was also written on FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2005.

smacking shim as fast as i can
slaping shit out of a can
burning fools with my big lighter
i think i need to cut sick much faster
monkeys are my new friends
but why do they hunt me
till my bitter end
i got shit in a bag
it smells a bit some cock head did nag
why do i waste time with this crap
it not even close to a toe tapped ass craping rap
fish rock as hard as putty
i think i have gone beer forced nutty
silly putty is so fun
even when you shove it up a big mean guys bum
after the beating that will intail
my life has move like a petrol head snail
ass munching insane stomping gip of life
the mojo sings form the cradel of life
cant spell cant speak cant move my feet
to the sound of some funk ass beat
tomato soup is better than me
it has a better packet
that says come buy me
hoops of gold are fucked up and dim
shimmer shudder flicker fluter
fuck i cant say shit like my mother
porn is my right but i cant stand to look
to get hard and break a table with my cock
dont mind me i have just gone strange
from a range i dont blame you for going insane
but if you do send you thoughts my way
so i can tell you that g.w.bush is gay
fucking bill clinton up the ass
with a napam bomb ok
but did he will never ever care
about a man that ranted about who cares
trying to fit as many words in that i can
in this drunk state in that i am
birdy birdy flap over here
ill rip your wings off and sell them were
were eles but on ebay thats were
getting the price that i could only dream of
why would people want a peace of toast that look like the pope
mabey they would like to bite his head off
so what does that prove i wrote
but who really cares
not to sure how long this thing is
but if i read it again i think ill regret
what i wrote about here omg yep
i dont care now i think it a good time to rip the side off a cow
cook it and eat it and make a burger for you
give the burgers to mac's for them to make money to
the cro burger the thing that would drive them all wild
this is the end of this farfetched rant my friend
dont tell me i cant spell for shit
or i hunt you down and slap you about.

the end

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