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Character Creation for the Zombie Apocalpse

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Character Creation for the Zombie Apocalpse Empty Character Creation for the Zombie Apocalpse

Post  Mr Nay on Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:20 am

Here is a break down of Character Creation.

Concept - Write a one line description of your character that describes who the character is and what they do.
Then ask yourself three questions:
*Who are you?
*What is your involvement with the situation?
*What is your relationship with the other characters?

Your character has eight Attributes split into pairs. They cover the basic activities of a horror movie.

*Identify/Obscure - To find or conceal information.
*Persuade/Dissuade - Convincing people and objects to do something or not.
*Pursue/Escape - To chase or get away.
*Assault/Protect - Attacking or defending yourself or others.

Individual attributes are rated between 1 and 9. The total of a pair always adds up to 10. The higher the attribute the better.
Split 10 between each pair according to the rules above, check out the other character sheets as examples.

You start with 5 Survival Points these are a combination of health, sanity and luck. They can be spent to swing the story in your characters favour, but if you run out of Survival Points and are in a situation where you normally would lose another Survival Point, your character will be written out of the story in a suitably gruesome fashion.

The only things left are optional traits, you don't have to take them, but they offer a way to further customize your character and regain Survival Points.

*Specializations - Are an aspect of an attribute in which you excel, but at the cost of performing more general activities. The Specialization is always 2 higher than the highest Attribute in the associated pair of Attributes. The associated Attributes must then be lowered by a total of two, either one off each Attribute in the pair or two from one of the Attributes in the pair.

*Bad Habits- These are the quirks and behaviours that causes problems or puts others at risk, like sneaking off for a cigarette or abandoning others to their fate when under stress, things like that. When they are brought into play a character is rewarded with a Survival Point.

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Character Creation for the Zombie Apocalpse Empty Using and Regaining Survival Points

Post  Mr Nay on Sun Apr 22, 2012 5:07 am

You can spend a Survival Point make use of one of the following effects:

*Inspiration - You may flip an attribute pair for the duration of a scene. To return attributes to their normal values before the end of the scene, you must spend another Survival Point.

*That Never Happened! - You may re-roll a single roll. You must abide by the results of the re-roll, although you may continue to spend additional Survival Points to re-roll the re-roll.

*Vying for Attention - You may spend a Survival Point to interrupt another character's action or to gain the Initiative.

*Hold It! - You can spend a Survival Point at any time to negate the effect of another character's Survival Point expenditure. Of course, this action can also be cancelled by spending a Survival Point, possibly starting a bidding war.

*What's This? - You can spend a Survival Point to introduce a new element into the story, such as an important clue or previously unspecified fact about the setting or monster,

*I've Got Just The Thing! - You can spend a Survival Point to find, own or otherwise acquire a useful item of some description. The introduction of the item must be in keeping with the established fiction - a character can not simply find a rocket launcher in a bar fight, but might pick up a discarded knife.

*Make Me Special! - You can also spend Survival Points to gain additional Specializations during play. A Specialization costs 2 Survival Points and you must lower the associated pair of Attributes by two as normal. There must be an in story reason for the new Specialization too.

If you fulfil one of the following conditions you get a Survival Point.

*Getting a double on a successful roll

*Putting your character in danger by following a horror movie cliche

*Following a bad habit in a way that puts you and/or other at risk

*Resting for a scene can restore a point up to a max of 5

*If you do something really cool that improves the story

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