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Michael Fields

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Michael Fields

Post  Mr Nay on Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:15 am

I have just joined a game of 'Don't Rest Your Head.' It is about superhuman insomniacs and nightmare place called the Mad City.
Here is my character sheet if anyone is interested.

Michael Fields

What has been keeping you awake?
Whispering. Whenever Michael tries to sleep he hears an indistinct whispering. If he listens really carefully he can hear secrets about things and people nearby.

What just happened to you?
The whispers are almost yelling at Michael to leave the apartment and run!

What is on the surface?
Michael comes across as a charming successful young professional. He is rarely seen not wearing a suit. He seems confident and always has an answer. He loves his parents and talks to them everyday on the phone.

What lies beneath?
Michael is between jobs and almost broke. After a week without sleep the cracks are beginning to show, his job interviews aren't going well, no one is willing to hire him. He hasn't told his parents yet.

What's your path?
Michael is a simple creature; he wants money, lots of it and to make his parents proud.

Discipline 3

Permanent Madness 0

Fight: 1
Flight: 2

Exhaustion: Lying (Michael could sell shit to an anus. People tend to believe whatever he says.)
Madness: Whispers (Everything and everyone gives off a whispering voice that only Michael can hear. At low levels the whispers are secrets about the person or object in question. At higher levels Michael can make things and people do what he wants when he whispers insistently.)

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