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Actual Play of Monster of the Week

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Actual Play of Monster of the Week Empty Actual Play of Monster of the Week

Post  Mr Nay on Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:50 am

Inspired by AllHailZod I am writing down my first and only Monster of the Week game so far in Albany. There was beer involved so it got a bit gonzo at times. Here are the hunters;

Tzec the Flake; a perpetually stoned conspiracy theorist.

Dahlia the Initiate; none of the other hunters are aware that Dahlia is part of an ancient sect of monster hunters. Believes Jericho Frost will fulfil one of her societies prophesies.

Bob the Hardcase; a psychopath who channels his homicidal tendencies into monster slaying. Was in the same institution as Tzec for a while before beating the tar out of him.

Jericho Frost the Exile; a timelost witchhunter who was transported to this time as part of a magical accident involving his nemesis the demon Cherubael.

Dr Alexander Irohara-Morovich the Action Scientist; using two-fisted Science! The good Doctor helped Frost make sense of the modern world.

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Actual Play of Monster of the Week Empty Re: Actual Play of Monster of the Week

Post  Mr Nay on Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:30 pm

The team has been hunting together for a while now, Dahlia gets a call from her sect to meet with a fellow hunter who has a lead on a rash of missing homeless people.

Unfortunately the other hunter is Buddy Ocean a savage fuck who enjoys killing things more than Bob.

When they get there the second story motel room is thrashed, from what they can determine Buddy gave as good as he got, the sheer destruction indicates supernatural attackers, but strangely enough there is not one drop of blood. The Doctor uses his autonomous drone to gather data.

It is then that he notices the two plain clothes cops pull in and start climbing the stairs, Bob and Tzec freak out and hide in a closet. Jericho and the Doctor go out to meet them.

After a bit of a misunderstanding the cops try to arrest them, Bob flies out onto the walkway and sends one of the policemen flying over the railing into a garden.

It isnt long until the police are both inside the apartment at the hunters mercy, one is Officer Jones the other Officer Dawson, they are tied up with their weapons locked in the boot of the police car.

The hunters bolt and find somewhere to lay low and the Doctor reviews the footage from the drone, it saw a box of matches with Velvet written on it and a logo suggestive of a strip bar, under a cabinet was a newagey card with Madame Zandra the Oracle on it.

They get to Velvet and split up, Dahlia and Bob go around the back to find a huge truck backed up to the loading bay with tarps fastened to the truck and loading bay so it is impossible to see what is being loaded and unloaded.

Tzec, has dropped some acid and has passed out in the van, Jericho and the Doctor go through the front door pay and go upstairs past the bouncer. The bar is full of bikers with Reavers written on their jackets.
The pair ask one of the staff if she has knows Buddy Ocean, she lies and says she doesnt they catch her out, one thing leads to another and she reveals herself to be a vampire.

Meanwhile Dahlia tries to use a little magic on the keypad on the backdoor, electricity flickers between her fingers and the keypad and she stuffs up royally. All of the buildings alarms and sprinklers go off.

Inside the club water pisses all over the Doctor and Frost, they notice bouncers converging on them as the bikers bolt for the door.

Bob and Dahlia come around the building and race up the now unattended entrance with bikers pouring out.

The Doctor has some trouble but Frost pulls his bun out of the fire, Bob gleefully blasts a vamp with his shotgun before caving its head in with his signature weapon - a block splitter.

By now Dahlia decides to give magic a second chance and summons a small fire imp to aid them.

The Fire imp turns out to be a Baalrog hunched over in the confines of the club. Swinging its flaming tail at the vampires the demon causes them and a large portion of the club to burst into flames, they find Buddy tied up out the back about to be turned.

Meanwhile Tzec is tripping off his head and travels out of body to Madame Zandra's place, she is frantically packing a suitcase and notices the disembodied flake.
He tries to get in her good graces but instead pisses her off and is sent back to his body, he finds he has wet himself while he was astral projecting.

With the club in flames and sirens approaching the hunters decide to check on Zandra, she gives them shit when they block her car in the drive as she tries to leave.
After Buddy calms her a bit she asks if they killed the master, they killed Bling the vamp running the club, she shakes her head the master is a cop called Officer Jones.

They find The two policemen at a donut franchise sitting at the counter, every gets out except Bob and Tzec who has fallen asleep in the back. Bob guns the van at the donut store....

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