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World of Darkness: Mirrors

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World of Darkness: Mirrors

Post  Mr Nay on Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:55 pm

For making alternate settings WoD style. Weird fantasy, post apoc, streamlined magic systems, system hacks and character variations.

Mad Max with magic anyone?

Here is a quote about one of the setting tweaks called Woundgate:

It's an add on to the regular world of darkness that completely changes how we look at the canonical cosmology. First of all, there an alternate world of magic existing on the other half of reality from the World of Darkness, known as the Shatter, because it is literally made of of small islands of reality loosely connected by magical portals. In the Shatter are numerous different "worlds" that can be used however the storyteller desires. Several examples are given, and it's explained that the world governments are involved in a conspiracy to keep the Shatter secret and to exploit it. Some of the worlds are permanently devoid of technology spirits, meaning that technology doesn't work there, so magical equivalents have to be used instead (such as a bee preserved in amber used as a tape recorder/walkman).

Separating the World of Darkness from the Shatter is a barrier of living tissue that occupies the same space as the Abyss, and in which Arcadia is located as an island. This is the Wound. It is protected by the bizarre Incarnadines that attack anyone who tries to enter it. It is also home to Abyssal entities and True Fae.

The best part is that it can be added onto any existing chronicle (so long as you haven't altered the cosmology, I assume).

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Re: World of Darkness: Mirrors

Post  cro5point on Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:44 am

it has been dl'ed and added to DB

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