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VOGS system idea

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VOGS system idea

Post  cro5point on Wed Jan 05, 2011 10:42 pm

tell me what you think, list ideas.

Variable Open Game System
The description of the character plays a large part in this system, the description should be created with the game master who will determine what skills a character would have and to what degree that would effect the game.

for instants a player in my game wants to make a thief type character, he wants to be able to climb and break in to buildings and stealthily avoid detection and be able to detect traps.
this is fairly straight forward
climb 3
open locks 4
stealth 3
detect traps 3

the game master should decide what values the skills have

these are the main stats
if need be other stats can be derived from these.

mind :
body :
soul :

upon creating a new character you start with a pool of 12 points +1d6 you can then divide them up among your stats as you see fit. No stat can start as 0.

if at any time any of these stats are reduced to 0 the game master should decide the consequences eg. soul = 0 ,loss of soul creates undead zombie.

general character lay out

Name of player:
Name of character:

character example

-: running a fantasy game

Player name:Dave jones

character name:Munt Mudbird

species: goblin

roll: warp freaker

mind 3
body 6
soul 3

skills: resist poison 5, warp surge 4

Mental: 42
Physical: 72

description: insane berserk, cant really talk but he does grunt, like ale Munt is actually a mutant goblin, he had some warp potion when he was young and mutated into the lopsided oaf he is today. If Munt gets into a fight or argument there is a 1 in 6 (rolling a 6 on the check dice will start Munt surging) chance he will warp surge if this happens mind is temporally reduced to 1 body is boosted to 12 but for every round that Munt is surged he must roll greater than 2 on a d6 or pass out and stop surging , on the same roll if a 5 or 6 is rolled Munt stops surging and cant act or function for a round.

club with a nail thought it.
pouch: - gp 10
- sp 6
- cp 1

sack: ¼ pig rotting

action system

roll number of d6 = to stat +skill vs opposed roll from foe. highest wins

vs inanimate object
roll number of d6 = to stat +skill vs difficulty set by game master

this action depends on the player, the payer may want to jump something or lift something or read something, relate the function to the stat then add any relevant skills then roll vs difficulty

eg. jump car body 4 + acrobatics 3 = roll 7d6 vs difficulty assigned by games master.

all weapons have a modifier that is added to the roll of 1d6 + body divided 2 rounded up the the nearest whole number.

eg. dagger +2 , so damage formula would be 1d6+2+3=damage.

taking damage-
three types of damage.
mental = mind x 10 + 12
physical = body x 10 + 12
Æther = soul x 10 +12

deduct the amount form your total value of the corresponding damage type. If at any point the stats value increases or decreases by 10 lose lose or gain 1 body point accordingly.

keep a running log of the game so you can reuse npcs, skills, powers, weapons as these will all be unique to your game.

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