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Both Attributes start at 1. Spend 4 more points on them, then spend 4 points on Aptitudes.
Attributes and Aptitudes go up to 5.
Edges cost 1 Trait Point each and give you +1 dice in very specific situations. You start with one Edge.
Drawbacks give you 1 Trait Point and impose a -1 dice penalty in specific situations. You cannot gain more than 3 Trait Points through drawbacks at character creation.

Attributes have permanent and current points. The permanent points rarely change, current points can fluctuate a lot during the game, only the current points is used to form dice pools.
When an Attribute takes damage or is spent (in the case of Lucidity) it comes off the current points of the attribute if the current points drops to zero, the permanent points are reduced by one and the current points is refreshed up to the new reduced permanent points.
The two attributes are;
Focus - willpower and general ability
Lucidity – perception and mental clarity

Focus is a measure of a characters willpower, determination and general competence. Most non- perception based actions use this attribute.
If harmed, one die is removed from the current focus pool, if the permanent pool ever drops to zero the character is either dead or has the lost the will to live and is so apathetic and suicidal he soon will be.

Lucidity measures the character's state of awareness.
When the current points are low, memories intrude while in the Oneiros causing him to interact with things that aren’t there and he finds it hard to awaken.
While dreaming, one point of current Lucidity can be spent to perform a superhuman feat and automatically succeed at an action.
To awaken, the dreamer must succeed with a lucidity action, if he fails he has a False Awakening.
A false awakening is when a dreamer dreams he has awoken, but is actually in his dreamscape, which is imitating waking reality, tricking him into thinking he is awake .
If permanent lucidity ever drops to zero he becomes another eidolon caught in Oneiros and viewing everyone else through a filter of madness.

Echo - mimic another's appearance
Melding - sharing Traits with others
Coercion - control over phantasms
Intuition - sensitivity to the Oneiros
Hiving - duplicating oneself
Morph - shapeshifting
Weaving - making objects
Shifting - instantaneous travel
Veil - cloaking ones presence
Merging - possession of others
Phasing - passing through tangible objects

+1 / -1 personalized modifier to rolls. Examples of Edges can be Extremely Perceptive, Improvised weapons, Hacker, Barfly.
Some Drawbacks are Addictive Personality, Short fuse, Reckless, Cowardly.

For a character to perform an Action within the game the current points of an Attribute or Aptitude are rolled as a pool of d6s.
Add or subtract any relevant modifiers to or from the dice pool then roll, a 4, 5 or 6 is are High Dice.
If all dice come up as 1s something really bad happens to the character attempting the action.
Difficult actions may require more than one high dice.
Opposed actions require the opponents to compare their rolls, the one with the most high dice succeeds.
If they tie then add the numbers on the high dice together and compare the totals.

Dreamscape: the pocket world that envelopes a dreamers mind as he dreams.
Oneiros: a collective dream world spun around humankind's personal dreamscapes where it is always twilight.
Hue: is a synthetic drug based off compounds used by many shamanic cultures around the world. When people take it they see auras around everything. When they first take it a glowing lady in white takes him to Oneiros.
Lucidity: a dreamer's mental clarity. His state of awareness.
Locus: the part of a dreamer's dreamscape that overlaps with the Oneiros.
Phantasms: are a dreamers projections within his dreamscape.
Eidolon: an inhabitant of the Oneiros. Unlike phantasms they have an independent existence.
Labasu: vast, tumourous lords of pestilence and blight. They cultivate and farm humanity’s dreams. Their tentacles reach up into the sky and rule industrial nightmares powered by furnaces and arcane clockwork mechanisms.
Reavers: the Labasu’s harvesters. Able to sap a being’s vital essence with a touch (Vitality Sink.)
Nightwalking: some reavers are able leave the Oneiros via a sleepers locus appearing near the sleeper. The nightwalker is banished by sunlight.
After using Hue regularly, a character becomes a lucid dreamer gains the ability to enter the Oneiros from their dreamscape when they sleep.
Aptitudes do not function in the waking world, only in dreams and the Oneiros.
Eidolon created with the weaving art have a focus attribute equal to the success scored on the roll when they were made.
Hiving allows you to make as many copies of yourself as points you have spent on the Aptitude (ie if you have Hiving 3, you can make up to 3 copies of yourself.)
All Hiving copies are telepathically linked and share the same Traits so if one drops to zero, they all do.
The Office is a shadowy group of suited operatives that appear in Oneiros from time to time.
It is rumoured that at least some of their agents are deliberately put in comas and given Hue intravenously, so the office can have complete control over them
Dreamscapes tend to cluster together in neighborhoods according to their theme.

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